Power to the reader!

Keep up with everything your favorite Twitter users say from the convience of your RSS reader.


Previously, Twitter use to allow you to grab users tweets as an RSS feed without having to be do any extra authentication. This allowed users to keep up with everything their favorite "Tweeps" had to say from the the convenience of their favorite reader. This also allowed a lot of developers to use these feeds to power many plugins and other cool features on other sites.

With the release of v1.1 of their API and the retiring of v1, Twitter is removing the ability to get these streams without authenticating AND support for RSS as a format. This is going to affect a ton of users who are not even aware of it yet.

We are using this functionality internally for a couple of projects and knew we needed to solve this before it became an issue for our users. We figured since we were taking the time to make a solution for ourselves that it would probably be of value to others so we turned it into a full blown web app.

If you would like more information or details about this application, please read our full write-up about Stream2RSS on our blog.


I thought Twitter already allows this?

They did (and still do until they fully shutdown their v1 API) but no longer will. Instead of scrambling to fix this problem for ourselves we figured "Why not be proactive?" and solve this for everyone.

How much does this cost?

Nothing, we are releasing this for free.

Is this updated in real time?

No, we grab updates every 30 minutes and store them. The original Twitter RSS feed had the TTL set to 40 minutes so any reader should honor that anyways and not be expecting it to be real time.

Who are you?

We are the Systems Team in the IT department of Valparaiso University. We handle a lot of the "Behind the Scenes" integration with all of the 3rd party systems on campus as well as create applications for our internal users here on campus. You can find more about us on our blog.

What about privacy?

We are not going to reuse or sell data from this app. Any data generated by this app will only be used to create the RSS feeds and some anonymous usage stats. But really, we only have read only access to your accounts and it is all public data we could get using our own accounts so what are you really worrying about. :)


The best way to get in contact with us is to hit us up on Twitter. The developer behind this is @ripsup and the entire team is @valposysteam